This training course is Health and Safety Matters Accident and Complaint Investigation.
Course 3-4 hours
Employers have a general Key health and safety issues include duty of care for the health, safety and welfare of their employees.
  • a safe and healthy workplace where risks are suitably and work adequately controlled.
  • safe work equipment, properly maintained and used, suitable for purpose and safe systems of work.
  • adequate welfare facilities
  • Information, training and supervision necessary for health and safety.

health and safety matters

The three main reasons for Managing health and safety and therefore why accident investigations are important explained. The causes of adverse events, A step by step guide to health and safety investigations, Gathering the information/evidence, Analysing the information, Identifying risk control measures, The action plan and its implementation. A delegate accident investigation exercise.We provide tutor-led training courses that are usually delivered at your business premises. This can ensure the most cost-effective use of your personnel’s time. The training timings can flexible for the start of the training course. This training location may be chosen by the customer. We deliver high quality training courses through the East Midlands, South and East Yorkshire as well as Lincolnshire.

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Updated 10/11/2016