Risk Assessments Training including audience participation – 2 hours training course

The HSE perspective with National statistics to set the scene, the three main reasons for Managing health and safety explained, The Risk Assessment Process explained in detail delegate risk assessment exercises.

Where risk assessments are needed

Assessment duties are carried out on a regular basis to spot hidden dangers and hazards and then to access how to minimize the danger or hazards.

We have listed below the most common subjects that can give rise to an assessment duty and risk management.

Risk Assessment Training Course

We provide tutor-led training courses that are usually delivered at your business premises. This can ensure the most cost-effective use of your personnel’s time. The training timings can flexible for the start of the training course. This training location may be chosen by the customer. We deliver high quality training courses through the East Midlands, South and East Yorkshire as well as Lincolnshire.

  • For General risks
    (Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations)
  • Exposure to substances may cause damage to health
    (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations)
  • Workstations VDUs
    (Health and Safety – Display Screen Equipment Regulations)
  • Hazardous lifting / carrying tasks
    (Manual Handling Operations Regulations)
  • Noisy environments which could cause damage to hearing
    (Noise at Work Regulations)
  • Fire safety
    Fire risk assessment area can be raising the alarm, safe evacuation area, fire safety equipment and signage.
  • The area of work that need personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Presence, type and location of asbestos

Where we can help!

We can arrange for a qualified safety representative to train your employers regarding risk assessments on your behalf this can be part of your company risk management.